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Big Bon's Strip Dance Club:

Private Dances & Topless Dancing


Our founder Big Bon was a legend in her own time. Known for her large personality that brightened every room she was in while letting everyone know she was there to have a good time. Her genuinely friendly personality was a product of her love to live life loud while helping as many people as possible.

She was known for genuinely caring about all of her girls and often helped them on to better lives by giving them jobs, a roof over their heads, access to healthcare, and the opportunity to craft a strong future for themselves. These girls have gone on to a wide variety of successes such as earning Master’s degrees, holding strong jobs, becoming mothers, and a wide variety of other lives made possible through Big Bon’s openness and love.

As the one and only licensed strip club left in the entire Upper Peninsula region, Big Bon always wanted this club to live on since she knew there will never be another one!

We proudly carry on the fun and caring legacy in honor of Bon and look forward to keeping the doors of her empire for many years to come!